The idyll with the fans, the ecstasy of Moleiro and the leadership of Viera

Viera greets her fans. / cover

UD Las Palmas closes a course in which they achieved the objective of playing the playoff with several positive notes and with the change from Mel to Pimienta in the middle of the season

Kevin Fontecha

Bitter farewell after taking flight and almost caressing the sky. UD Las Palmas closes a course in which the objective set by the club was met and entered promotion for promotion to the First Division.
Bit the dust against the eternal rival, CD Tenerifewho won both games in the tie, but that should not cloud the view of the
positive things that the season has given.

It was not a placid campaign, far from it. It took a world to sneak into the top six in the table. In fact,
the anxiety to be on top took Pepe Mel ahead, dismissed on January 23, 2022 when he had UD three points from the promotion playoffs. The man from Madrid had laid the foundations and brought forward footballers to take into account. Forgetting his figure today would be an insult to football.

I arrive Garcia Pepperand, after starting off with mixed results, went on an imperial streak to promotion, adding
nine wins and two draws in the last eleven games of the domestic competition. What catapulted the yellows to fourth place.

It is impossible to find a failure in what happened in the Canarian derby and the goodbye of Las Palmas to the playoff, since this campaign brings out many positive notes. The first, and perhaps the most important, has been the idyll between the team and its fans. Also
Moleiro's explosionwho finished breaking the shell, and the stripes of a Jonathan Viera who promised to try again next year.

The fans returned, although they never really left, to carry the Sports Union on wings towards promotion. Against Real Oviedo the barrier of 30,000 spectators was surpassed and
against Tenerife the Gran Canaria was dyed yellow with 31,502 people crowding the Siete Palmas venue.

The image was heavenly despite the fatal outcome.
Every welcome to the bus by Seguros Funds it was a triumph and now the club must take advantage of the pull so that the next subscriber campaign is a success. The communion between players, coach and fans invites and sows seeds of hope.

Another point in favor was Alberto's ecstasy
Moleiro. The youth squad took gallons and broke definitively. In addition, he launched a message of encouragement on his social networks: "We will return." The youth squad, about his continuity, also said that he "expects" to continue in yellow. Against Oviedo he scored the goal that equalized the contest and against Tenerife he was the best on the pitch, breaking waistlines and pulling the cart.

Last but not least, this final stage of the competition has put
in value the leadership of Jonathan VieraNot only on the field, but also off it. His speech at the Rodríguez López after losing the first leg was a morale boost for the second leg. He then broke down and wept tears of frustration.

But he picked up the mic and
became leader again, admitting the superiority of the rival and promising battle the next campaign. He never hid despite the fact that he would be mocked in Tenerife if what happened happened. He saw and 10 more.

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