May 18, 2021

"The idea is to take the league to the Canary Islands next year" – La Provincia

"The idea is to take the league to the Canary Islands next year" - La Provincia

Last year he created the league of institutes in the Community of Madrid and has now extended it to nine other regions. How was the experience?

It was very good. The idea was well received by the students, the teachers and the parents. Yes it is true that in the Community of Madrid are quite used to this type of event, but this was the first time they had something exclusively for the institutes. Last year we had a participation of 123 centers and a total of 1,300 students and everything went very well. Then, as the reception was very good, we decided to make the leap to nine other communities. The competition starts this week. Hopefully everything goes well.

What are the figures for this new season?

We have finally closed with 400 centers and 1,000 teams.

Then, it is understood that there is no maximum limit of equipment per institute.

Each center can put all the equipment that it wants. For example, in one of the games, the teams are five players and can have two substitutes, and in the other, the teams are three people with one substitute.

What videogames make up the 'ieSports' project?

We handle two. One is League of Legends and the other Clash Royale. The first is for PC and the second for mobile devices. They are two games that meet all age requirements, etc. And, in addition, they are free.

Among the autonomous communities to which the project has been extended is not the Canary Islands. Why?

In principle we wanted to simply extend the Peninsula to try, to see how the experience comes out. And then the intention is to expand also to the Canary Islands and the Balearic Islands. But they are going to participate some centers of the Canary Islands, because there have been some, also from other communities, who have wanted to be present and all of them will play a league on their own. We do not want to leave anyone out of the competition.

What are those centers of the Archipelago?

They are three. Dos de Tenerife, IES San Marcos and IES Los Cardones, and one of Gran Canaria, the IES Agustín Espinosa.

How is the competition articulated?

The main essence of the league is to bring to the centers the values ​​that we can find in traditional sports through video games, eSports, that are growing so much in our country. It is to create a community among those who have the same tastes and who may even be in the same center and did not even know each other.

What role do teachers play?

The student does not control anything, but the teacher controls everything. For example, if a student does not advance academically, the teacher, as he has total control of the teams within the centers, can decide if that student can continue participating or not.

By making a comparison, could the project be defined as another activity within an institute?

Yes. With the league we want to transmit values ​​such as integration, companionship or friendship. In addition, we do educational workshops aimed at teachers and parents, to see how you can approach a video game in an educational way.

Give me an example.

We believe it is necessary that they are in contact all the time, such as when they have to talk to each other to change the time of a match, because we must say that the academic hours on the games prevail. In addition, disrespect is not tolerated. To those who have them, we throw them directly out of the competition. We also let them know that anonymity has its advantages, but also its disadvantages. You can not take advantage of the advantages that anonymity gives you because behind that screen there is a person you do not know, but it is just like you.

Is your idea to create a kind of Champions between European institutes?

Yes. The idea is that this can be extended tomorrow outside of Spain. Our next objective is to establish ourselves within the whole Spanish territory, and in the long run to do something in Europe. Also, I tell you that within our company we already have another project called University eSports, which has just started its fourth season. There, the university champion of Spain faces the champions of the rest of Europe. In the future we want to do the same with the institutes.

Are the games always in the centers?

Not necessarily. There are centers that put their computer rooms, but it depends on them. In fact, one of the prizes we give this year is to equip a computer room, but they have the absolute freedom to play wherever they want, when they want and as they can.


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