March 8, 2021

The IDB asks to report any irregularities in the construction of the Bogotá metro

The president of the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB), Luis Alberto Moreno, asked on Monday for political campaigns to denounce any irregularities regarding the construction of the first Line of the Bogotá Metro.

"If anyone has something to say, please tell us in black and white what the complaints are because that is for the benefit of all Bogota citizens, if there are any specific complaints welcome we receive them," Moreno said in Bogotá.

The Colombian authorities opened on June 28 the tender for the construction of the Bogotá elevated subway whose total cost will be 12.9 billion pesos (about 4.019 million dollars) and to which six consortiums composed of 22 companies in Spain aspire, Italy, Germany, Brazil, China and Mexico.

Moreno stressed that the project has the backing of the Nation, the World Bank and the European Investment Bank, which make an enormous effort to move it forward.

"We are in the electoral season and everyone has their mood in this, and talks about the campaigns, it is normal. This has been an effort of the Inter-American (Development) Bank, the World Bank and the European Investment Bank," Moreno added .

On October 27, 36.8 million Colombians are called to the polls to elect 32 governors, mayors of more than 1,110 municipalities, councilors and regional deputies for a period of four years that will begin on January 1, 2020.

The theme of the construction of the subway concentrates in large part the debates that the main aspirants have had to succeed Enrique Peñalosa in the Mayor's Office of Bogotá.

The main critic of the work has been the opposition councilor and candidate for mayor of Bogotá Hollman Morris, who denounces that the tender for the construction of the subway is illegal and will be the country's biggest corruption scandal

According to Morris, the figures released by Peñalosa about the cost of the subway are not the real ones because the public procurement file says that the subway project costs 16 trillion pesos (about 4,983 million dollars) in its feasibility phase .

He explained that these figures should be added another 2 billion pesos (about 623 million dollars) that have to be used for the transfer of networks and the purchase of land.

Bogotá, with almost 8 million inhabitants and a poor public transport system, is the only large Latin American city that has no subway.

Local and national authorities expect to award the concession next October and its construction will take eight years.

The first line will have 16 stations along 23.9 kilometers with a capacity to transport 72,000 passengers per hour and direction, which implies more than one million passengers per day.

The construction of the subway is a work that Bogotá has been waiting for for more than half a century, but despite the fact that different mayors have hired technical studies, it has never been carried out.

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