The icons of pop culture in Castillo de Mata – La Provincia

The icons of pop culture in Castillo de Mata - La Provincia

The town hall of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria and Mojo de Caña support an ambitious project that opens the doors of Castle of Mata to the analysis of pop culture and the common places that have managed to win favor with the masses.

#POP CULTURE, directed by Angelo Monaldi, will be structured around three meetings: equality, humor and love, which will take place next October 26, November 9 and 23, respectively, starting at 7:30 p.m., with renowned professionals from different fields, in the courtyard of the fortress.

Frida Kahlo, whose image has become an important global icon in the fight for equality, will be the first phenomenon that can be analyzed from a critical point of view, at the #POP EQUALITY meeting on Friday, October 6. For this the Mexican writer and journalist Susana Martínez Vidal, a fundamental feather in publications such as Elle Spain, that he directed for almost two decades, he will visit Las Palmas de Gran Canaria as an authority on the subject related to the Mexican avant-garde artist. After her time as director of Elle, M. Vidal returned to Mexico to isolate himself in the study of the Kahlo universe, the result of his rigorous revision of the myth that made his suffering an art are the publications: Frida Kahlo: Fashion As The Art Of Being (Assouline, 2016) and Frida effect (Espasa, 2018), a work that lists the qualities and the intellectual and emotional legacy left by Kahlo and that will be presented within the framework of POP CULTURE.

The Gran Canaria artist Pilar Rodiles, one of the components of the collective of feminist artists Artemis – women + art, will join the POP EQUALITY meeting with a speech focused on the condition of women as artists, their advances and visibility in the exhibition area. Rodiles will also turn to Kahlo and the relationship that kept her together with Diego Rivera, as an example of a woman who is demanding, free and fighter.

The first meeting will close with the music of Esther Ovejero, a canary who, every time she climbs a stage, pays tribute to Chavela Vargas and Frida Kahlo, two women whose intense relationship marked their lives. Among others, will interpret the song La Llorona, one of the songs that are part of the BSO of Frida, the movie.

Before the start of the #POP EQUALITY meeting, from 6:00 a.m. to 7:30 p.m. Salitre Collection He will give a workshop of flower tiaras and will invite, to the 25 participants who have registered in it, to take selfies with their creations in the photo call of the event. Participation in the workshop will also be formalized upon registration in a special link of the same platform.

The following Friday after the All Saints Bridge, on November 9, POP CULTURE will become #POP HUMOR, a new encounter that empathizes with the "gomero" as a joke and under the title JE SUIS GOMERO, proposes to direct a day to the reflection on the extreme sensitivity with which nowadays the joke, the joke, the humor is received.

Paco Santana, Víctor Lemes and Abubukaka are the guests of this second meeting in which there will be music, debate and experiences related to humor and politics, humor and susceptibility, and humor and censorship.

On November 23 love becomes the theme around which the last meeting of POP CULTURA will revolve, a project that arrives with a vocation for permanence and that in this first phase will test the response of the public to the initiative.

#POP AMOR also resorts to important current phenomena such as Tinder or Siri, with which it will create interesting games that lead to the analysis of the influence exerted by new technologies in the way in which we relate.

José A. Díaz and Silvia Martel will mark a particular tango for the public, a seductive dance that, in this case, will include a well-known gadget: the mobile. The dancers will incorporate taking photos and chat in the choreography, creating the Tango / Tinder, live dance with projection of what the mobile phone has captured.

The experts Elena Alonso Y Davinia de Vidania They will offer their point of view on the incorporation of social networks to romantic relationships in conferences that far from demonizing the use of social networks will analyze the world of possibilities that they have opened up in couples.

Siri will be in charge of closing the last meeting, the artificial intelligence of iPhone will participate as a speaker in the meeting with a dialogue of Davinia de Vidania about love and relationships.

The exterior patio of the Castle, as a new space for culture, will have a maximum capacity of 175 seats. Those interested should request their seats through the platform, where links will be enabled depending on each of the meetings (the different url will be disseminated in the social profiles of LPACultura and Mojo of Caña). The inscriptions are individual, so each attendee must send their request.

#POPCULTURA #SomosFridaLPA also on Instagram, through the first contest of this cycle

Followers of Instagram accounts of @Lpacultura and @Mojodecana may participate in a contest organized for residents of the Canary Islands.

Thus, from 12:00 hours on the opening day of this series of meetings, on October 26, and until 23:59 hours on the last, on November 23, all persons, over 18 years of age, who can accredit As a resident of the Canary Islands, you can share a maximum of two photos in which, through characterization, or through elements or icons, refer to the artist Frida Kahlo or to the concept of equality.

The photos that wish to participate will have to include the tag #somosFridaLPA and mandatory mention to @mojodecana and @lpacultura. These are the conditions that must be fulfilled by the snapshots that will be evaluated by a jury of both institutions, in order to award a prize that will consist of two passes to attend all the projections of the program of the next Las Palmas de Gran Canaria Film Festival.


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