June 21, 2021

The iconic Tokyo Tower reopens to the public after closing due to the coronavirus

The Tokyo Tower, icon of the Japanese capital, today reopened its doors to visitors after closing as well as other tourist attractions due to the coronavirus health alert, which was lifted across the country last Monday.

Visitors can access this 333-meter-high structure from this Thursday to climb its two viewpoints, although as a preventive measure against possible contagions the use of elevators will be limited to four people at a time with priority for the disabled and people greater.

Thus, most visitors will have to go up to the main viewpoint, 150 meters high, walking the 600 steps that lead to it through an external staircase that has been opened especially for the occasion, according to the management company of the facilities in a statement.

The tower staff, equipped with transparent protective masks and gloves, will also take the body temperature of all visitors, and will restrict the number of people who can access the facilities to ensure that social distance is maintained.

The Tokyo Tower has been closed since last April 8, a day after the state of health alert was declared in the Japanese capital.

This Thursday, some Japanese visitors came to the tower on the occasion of its reopening, although the movement of people around the area was far from the usual tourist hustle before the pandemic, which has led Japan to ban the entry of travelers from more than a hundred countries.

Opened in 1958 and initially designed as a radio and television antenna, what was once Japan’s tallest building annually attracts some 2 million visitors, according to data from the Tokyo Metropolitan Government.


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