The Ibsa CCO 7 Palmas 2009-10 is already underway - La Provincia

Ibsa CV 7 Palmas Shopping and Leisure Center, representative grancanario in the top category of women's national volleyball, The preseason started on Monday. In the absence of arrivals the Brazilian Jacque Rodríguez, waiting for the visa, and of Erika Market, right now concentrated with the Argentine national team, all the players have been placed under the command of the experienced coach Ceuta Pedro Lanero, new head of the bench of the yellow set.

After a brief initial talk with the board and the coaching staff, the first of the two sessions will begin on this first day of work. The players, who presented a optimal fitness on this first day fruit of the good work done in the summer, they will alternate the physical part with the new tactical notions raised by Lanero.

Galician Sara Folgueira, which will continue for another year in the capital team, was resounding "We are a very compensated team". "Last year, due to injuries or other circumstances, we met sometimes without spare parts in some positions; and this summer an effort has been made so that we always have an alternatives. This fact will be very positive when it comes to training and growing as a team, "he explains.

For its part, the captain Saray Manzano explained that "the incorporations have a great level and we will work to get together as soon as possible. "Regarding the role of the quarry, he did not hesitate to affirm that"in this club the base has always worked well and he has been given opportunities. "" I left there and I think that with a lot of work girls who point ways today may arrive"he concluded.

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