May 10, 2021

The Ibex35 is vulnerable

The Ibex35 is vulnerable

The national parks again record falls in a session dyed red in almost all national values. After the progress in the US-China negotiations in the past G20, the markets reacted significantly to the upside, reaching record highs in the Ibex35 over the last six weeks.

The agreement between Donald Trump and Xi Jinping has simply been a kick forwards, in which the tariffs with greater impact such as those in the automotive or agricultural sector were extended. Investors have exchanged purchases for sales in a market lacking incentives for the short term. Despite the important rebound of oil, which has supported oil and energy, the set of global values ​​are suffering significant corrections from the first moments of trading on Monday.

At the domestic level, today, there is a notable drop in firms that precisely registered important "bullish gaps" at yesterday's opening. DIA returns to lead the falls in the national market, once again trying its minimum, around 60 cents. The defensive values ​​such as Red Eléctrica or Enagás are saved from falling.

Looking ahead to the next sessions we hope that the downward drip can continue, without excessive volatility, until leaving prices discounted before a last attempt of rebound prior to the end of the year.


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