Sat. Apr 4th, 2020

The Ibex suffers its biggest fall of 2019 dragged by the forecasts to the downside of Brussels

El Ibex sufre su mayor caída de 2019 arrastrado por las previsiones a la baja de Bruselas

The IBEX 35 Thursday lost 1.79%, its biggest fall of the year and lose again the 9,000 points, dragged by most of the values ​​of the selective, in a day in red for all the stock exchanges of the world and after that Brussels has revised down the growth forecast for the entire eurozone. The selective has subtracted 162.60 units to the 8.938,30 points, with which the annual gains are reduced until 4.67%.

The European Commission (EC) has lowered its forecast of growth of the eurozone for 2019 by six tenths, up to 1.3%, after verifying the deceleration throughout Europe. Spain has been the country that has been the best stopped in the forecasts, since it only receives the reduction of one tenth, up to 2.1% in the growth for 2019 due to the decrease in private consumption.

For Germany, the EC estimates a cut of 1.8% to 1.1%, on the same day that it has been published that the industry output of the country fell by 0.4% last December, far from the rise of 0.7% predicted by the experts. In the UK, the Bank of England has dropped from 1.7% to 1.2%, its GDP forecast for 2019 and has warned that the country's economy "is not ready" for a Brexit without agreement.

The institution, in addition, has kept the interest rates of the United Kingdom intact at 0.75% and is confident that inflation will not rise, thus sending a more "accommodative" message that has pleased investors. The pound has risen to 1,297 euros after five sessions of falls.

The president of the EC, Jean-Claude Juncker, has refused to renegotiate the withdrawal agreement after its meeting with the British Prime Minister, Theresa May, but has been willing to revise and modify the political declaration on the future relationship of the EU with the United Kingdom.


Losses in the European and Asian stock markets

The European stock markets have ended with heavy losses: Frankfurt has subtracted 2.67%, Milan 2.59%, Paris 1.84% and London 1.11%. In Asia, Chinese markets remain closed and Tokyo fell 0.59%. Wall Street has also opened in red.

In Spain, the Public Treasury placed 4,502 million euros on Thursday in medium and long-term debt, which in most cases have come at a lower interest.

Of the National Stock Exchange, only Cellnex has added 0.04% and Enagás and Merlin Properties have finished plans. The rest of the securities fell: Santander 3.16%, BBVA, (3.13%); Repsol (2.24%); Telephone (2.31%); Inditex (1.73%) and Iberdrola 0.06%.

The biggest losses were for Meliá Hotels (6.27%) and ArcelorMittal, which has fallen 4.60% despite having presented results with a profit in 2018, 12.7% higher than in 2017. The profit of Mapfre in 2018 was 528.9 million, 24.5% less than in 2017, which has fallen on the stock market by 2.99%.

In the continuous market, after Melia Hotels, Atresmedia subtracted 5.47% and Service Point Solutions added 6.54%. In the commodities market, the barrel of Brent crude has fallen more than 2% to 61.25 dollars, and the Spanish risk premium rises to 113 basis points.

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