July 25, 2021

The Ibex starts the week with losses of 0.27%

The Ibex starts the week with losses of 0.27%

The Ibex has started the week with losses of 0.27%, up to 9,227.10 points, with outstanding investors from Brazil, China, Italy, and the US debt, which remains at 2011 highs, after positive data of employment known last week.

The Spanish risk premium has started the day upwards, by 102 basis points, two more than last Friday, due to the increase registered by the interest of the Spanish 10-year bond, which started the day at 1.597%, against the previous 1.577%.

For its part, the German 10-year bond, benchmark for solvency in Europe and whose difference with Spanish marks the risk premium, has opened at 0.572%, compared to 0.573% on Friday.

Investors are keeping an eye on Italy, where the country's risk premium has started the day at 291 basis points, seven more than on Friday.

In the other countries of the European periphery, the risk premium of Greece has started the day without changes, while that of Portugal has risen two, to 139 basis points.

Outside of Europe, in the US, the yield on the 10-year US bond remains at 3.23% -maximum May 2011-.

Regarding the amount of debt default insurance ("credit default swaps"), which must be paid to guarantee an investment of 10 million dollars, it has remained unchanged for Spain, at 110,640 dollars, and for Italy, a $ 297,830.



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