April 20, 2021

The IBEX rises 0.07% after opening and fails to recover the 9,000

The IBEX rises 0.07% after opening and fails to recover the 9,000

The main indicator of the Spanish Stock Exchange, the IBEX 35, rose just 0.07% a few minutes after the opening of the session and stood at 8,989 integers.

At 9.15 local time, the selective was 6.60 points, equivalent to 0.07%, and stood at 8,989 integers, which left the gains accumulated this year at 5.27%.

In the agenda of this Wednesday, the General State Budgets for this year face a key day in the Congress with the vote on the amendments to the totality, in which the independence parties will be decisive for the accounts to continue the parliamentary procedure or be returned to the Government.

In addition, the US government published the consumer price index in January, after declining by one tenth in December, to 1.9%, which left inflation below 2% for the first time since mid-2017.

The selective ended yesterday with a rise of 0.52% and was on the verge of recovering 9,000 points, encouraged by the buying tendency of the main global stock markets, optimistic about the trade negotiations between the United States and China.

This optimism moved to the Asian stock markets on Tuesday and Shanghai closed with a rise of 1.84%; Tokyo, 1.34% and Hong Kong, 1.16%.

Red Eléctrica rose 0.81% after communicating yesterday to the market the purchase, through its subsidiary Red Eléctrica Sistemas de Telecomunicaciones, of 89.68% of the shares that Abertis has in Hispasat for 949 million euros.

The euro rose today in the currency market of Frankfurt and changed to $ 1.1332, compared to the previous $ 1,1300, like the barrel of Brent oil for delivery in April, which increased by 0.91% and it reached $ 63.06 in the London market.

In Europe, with the Spanish risk premium at 110 basis points, one less than yesterday, the main stock exchanges also rose, Frankfurt, 0.39%; London, 0.33%; Paris, 0.30% and Milan, 0.26%.

Within the IBEX, ArcelorMittal and Meliá were the companies that rose the most, 1.32% and 1.17%, while Caixabank and Enagas led the losses, which were 0.98% and 0.82%.

As for the large stocks, Repsol and Inditex recovered 0.28% and 0.17% respectively, while the rest fell, 0.52% Iberdrola, 0.48% BBVA, 0.29% Banco Santander and 0.11% Telefónica.

In the open market, GAM and Oryzon suffered the biggest setbacks, of 6.56% and 4.51%, while Vértice 360 ​​and Nextil were the ones that increased the most, 5.56% and 3.95%.


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