The Ibex opens with losses of 1.14% and puts at risk the 8,700

The Ibex opens with losses of 1.14% and puts at risk the 8,700

The Spanish Stock Exchange de decanta one more day for losses and left in the opening 1.14%, to 8,703.10 points, dragged by the negative trend of Wall Street and the collapse in Asia, and pending banking, Italy and United The banks returned to be a drag on the Ibex 35, being among the stocks with the worst performance in the opening of the markets. Thus, Santander, BBVA, Bankia and Bankinter left more than 1.5% at the start of the session, while Sabadell lost 1.3%.

Despite this, CIE Automotive was ahead of the bank, which fell more than 2.4% in the opening.

Only two values ​​opened the day positive: Ferrovial, which rose 1%, and Dia, which revalued by 3.7% after starring yesterday the largest decline in the selective, with a fall in the value of its shares of 24.5 % that led the supermarket chain to register new historical lows after reviewing its 2017 accounts.

The main European squares also awoke with notable setbacks. Frankfurt was down 1.4%, Milan and London were down 0.8%, and Paris was down 0.1%.

In the debt market, the Spanish risk premium climbed to 127 basis points, with interest at 1.76%, while in the currency market the euro lost ground against the dollar and was exchanged at 1.1442. green tickets'.


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