July 25, 2021

The Ibex opens at a loss

The Ibex opens at a loss

The Spanish stock market has begun the day today to the downside, with losses of 0.19%, to stand at 9,243.20 points, which is again close to lows of the year, alerted by the forecasts of an economic slowdown world.

For its part, the Spanish risk premium has started the day at 106 basis points, one more than in the previous day, despite the few movements registered at first hour for the interest of the ten-year Spanish and German bonds with which it is calculated.

Thus, and according to market data collected by Efe, the yield of the Spanish bond has risen slightly, up to 1.606% from the previous 1,600%, unlike the German bond, which has reduced it to 0,544% compared to 0,5491% previously.

The International Monetary Fund (IMF) has warned today that markets seem "complacent" about the possibility of "abrupt adjustment" of financial conditions, despite the risks of global financial stability have increased with commercial tensions and the normalization of monetary policy in the US.

The organization presents its report on "Global Financial Stability" in Bali (Indonesia).

In today's agenda, the National Institute of Statistics (INE) publishes the Business Confidence Indicators (ICE) for the fourth quarter.

In the other countries considered peripheral within the euro area, the Italian risk premium, protagonist of recent days, has again exceeded 300 points and has been placed in 301, from 293 yesterday, a day in the that got to mark 315 integers, its maximum since 2013.

While waiting for Italy to detail the General Budgets for 2019, which it must send to the European Commission on October 15, the president of this body, Jean-Claude Juncker, met yesterday in Brussels with the president of the Italian Chamber of Deputies, Roberto Fico, in an attempt to reduce the tension.

The risk premium of Portugal has scored a point and has been placed at 144, while that of Greece has worsened in two integers and has added 405, pending the dissemination of the consumer price index for September .

Regarding the amount of the debt default insurance ("credit default swaps"), which must be paid to guarantee an investment of 10 million dollars, those of Spain have remained at 115,910 dollars, while those of Italy continue in $ 301,350.


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