August 1, 2021

The Ibex loses 9,000 points and falls to 2016 levels – La Provincia

The Ibex loses 9,000 points and falls to 2016 levels - La Provincia

HeIBEX 35 has ended the day witha fall of 1.18%, losing the barrier of 9,000 points and standing, with 8,902 points, inDecember 2016 levels, in a week in which it has been left more than 3.2%.

The selective Madrid has closed this Friday with most of its values ​​in red in a day in which the indices of the United States have rebounded driven by the positive results of three of the main banks of the North American country:JPMorgan Chase, Citigroup and Wells Fargo.

In XTB analyst Sergio Puente has indicated that doubts in the financial market have increased after theIMFhas warned of a global slowdown in growth. Also the discrepancies between the president of the United States,Donald Trump, and the Federal Reservehave ended "has caused an earthquake of volatility," he added.

The biggest falls have been led by Endesa, which has lost 4%. Behind are Acciona (-3.97%), Iberdrola (-3.44%), Enagás (-2.93%), Bankia (-2.23%), Red Eléctrica (-2.04%) and Naturgy (-1.96%).

Conversely,Meliá Hotelshas rebounded by 1.97%, followed by ArcelorMittal (+ 1.65%), Grifols (+ 1.36%), Viscofan (+ 0.42%), IAG (+ 0.36%), Acerinox (+0 , 35%), Siemens Gamesa (+ 0.21%) and Aena (+ 0.14%).

The rest of the European stock exchanges ended the last trading session of the week with falls of 0.16% in London, 0.13% in Frankfurt, 0.2% in Paris and 0.52% for Milan.

Also, the risk premiumit was 117.9 basis points, with the interest of the 10-year bond placed at 1,681%. For its part, the Brent barrel, a reference for Europe, has fallen by 0.3%, standing at 80.04 dollars.

Negative fourth quarter

The analyst of XTB has indicated that, with the losses registered in the Spanish selective, the situation in the market ofrentvariable"It's about opportunities", since many companies are quoting at the minimum of the year.

"Next week should recover part of the lost ground once overcome the scenarios that have generated the prevailing volatility," said Puente. "In case of going back to the 'green numbers' it would not be unreasonable to think abouta recovery of 9,200 pointsas a previous step to higher levels, "he added.

The banking sector has been one of the best performers during the week, with Santander, BBVA and CaixaBank leading the way. The sector will move away, according to Bridge, from its annual minimums driven by the "recovery of credit".


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