July 29, 2021

The Ibex falls 0.64%

The Ibex falls 0.64%

The main indicator of the Spanish Stock Exchange, the IBEX 35, has begun the session, festive in Madrid, with a fall of 0.64% that has placed it in 9.116,80 puntos.Así, passed at 9.00 the selective loses 70.20 points, equivalent to the aforementioned 0.76% and it is installed in 9,105 integers, with which the accumulated losses so far this year increase to 9.34%.

The Spanish market closed yesterday with a small advance of 0.10%, after the Government announced that the banks will not be able to deduct the tax from the mortgages that they will have to face from Monday, and waiting for news about the plans of the Federal Reserve (Fed) of the USA.

And it was precisely these plans that marked yesterday's timid gains on Wall Street, which registered a mixed close, after hearing the Fed's decision not to raise interest rates yet, which reinforced the dollar against the euro.

Banks lose ground in the stock market in the last session before they have to start taking over the mortgage tax, and BBVA leaves 5.18%; Sabadell, 1.98%; Bankia, 1.71%; Santander, 1.20%; Caixabank, 1.11%, and Bankinter, 0.82%.

According to the analysts consulted, investors will be watching today the prices of production in October in the US, among other indicators, although what is hidden behind the falls of the beginning of the day is the Chinese CPI, known today and that remained in October at 2.5%.

With the euro at $ 1,1345, versus the previous 1.1426, the European stock markets start the day with cuts of 0.74% in Paris; of 0.59% in London; 0.52% in Milan and 0.40% in Frankfurt.

As for the large IBEX values, in addition to the banks, Repsol yields 0.88%; Telefónica, 0.32%; Inditex, 0.23%, and Iberdrola remains flat.

Cellnex becomes at this time the company that rises the most among those that make up the IBEX 35, a 3.36%, after presenting its quarterly results.

In the open market, Acerinox and BBVA head the list of companies that start the day with losses, of 5.61% and 5.18%, while the biggest gains are for Duro Felguera and Abengoa, of 6.80% and 5.41%, respectively. EFE


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