April 11, 2021

The Ibex consolidates the 9,500 points

The Ibex consolidates the 9,500 points

Despite being a quiet day, with little negotiation volume, the selective Spanish has achieved exceed the level of the entire 9,500 and keep a raverage evaluation above the 0.5%. Apparently, investors have valued positively the different macroeconomic data and business results released throughout the day. Highlighting among them the positive reception that the GDP of China has had for the first quarter of the year, with a slight improvement in relation to what was expected, as well as the different European and American companies more linked to the economic cycle, which have also positively surprised during the session.

Within the national territory, the companies that have performed best are directly related to mineral raw materials, as is the case of Arcelormittal, with an approximate rebound of 4%, Y Acerinox driven something more than a two%. Banking is one of the most favored sectors, showing upturns in general terms above two% for Sabadell Y BBVA, and something less for the other entities. The negative point is shown by the most defensive companies linked to the energy sector.


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