June 21, 2021

The Ibex 35 touches a new annual high after rising 0.40%

The selective Spanish enters the 9,700 points two days of the end of the year

The Spanish selective closes another week in green figures, consolidating its level above the key barrier at 9,600 points at just 2 days of the official closing of 2019.

The general macroeconomic scenario during the year has not given truce to the markets, accentuated by an incessant trade dispute between the two international giants, the US and China, whose top leaders nevertheless approach a first phase of tacit agreement that could drain losses suffered by markets worldwide. Likewise, the year-end closing, with the consequent battery of business results that entails, constitutes an additional boost for the Spanish selective practically in discount time. Some sectors such as energy, real estate or health are emerging as the most profitable of the year, as opposed to banking and industry (specifically steel, collateral damage of the aforementioned commercial war), which have failed to stop their losses to throughout the year

Pending such data, the IBEX-35 continues its upward path, approaching more and more 9,700 points, thus putting the final finishing touch on a convulsive year for markets in macroeconomic matters.


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