August 8, 2020

The Ibex 35 steps on the brake against the navideo parn and falls 0.34% in the opening – La Provincia

The main indicator of the Spanish Stock Exchange, theIBEX 35, increases its losses after opening and falls 0.34%, in a shorter day than usual, because the market only operates until 2 pm and will close until next Friday.

Specifically, at 9.15, the national selective leaves 32.80 points, which goes back to 9,626.80 before the break of the festivities ofChristmas, which also explains the lower trading volume.

In Europe, with the euro at $ 1,108 and on a day without outstanding appointments,Paris and London scored shy falls, 0.05 and 0.11%, respectively, minutes after opening, whileFrankfurt and MilanThey remain closed.

Investors are still waiting for more news about the first phase of the trade agreement betweenChina and the United States, despite the closure of this Monday in Wall Street highs.

All great values ​​receded, especiallyTelefonica, which fell 0.84%;BBVAfollowed with a decrease of 0.59%;Iberdrola, of 0.43%;Santander, of 0.40%;Repsolof 0.32% eInditex, of 0.25%.

Within the Ibex, the most bearish value wasViscofan, with a fall of 1.60% and thenSabadell Bank, which left 1.10%, while on the opposite side stood out Cie Automotive, with an advance of 0.46 and IAG, which added 0.27%.

In the continuous marketService Point was the worst unemployed, with a bat of 6.47%, followed byVocento, which fell 4.38%; on the contrary, Ercros and Vértice 360 ​​led the advances of the Spanish stock market, with increases of 3.10 and 2.94%, respectively.

The price of a barrel of Brent crude, the benchmark in Europe, has opened down to $ 66.47, while in the debt market, the yield of the Spanish ten-year bond stands at 0.42%, with the risk premium at 66 basis points.


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