September 20, 2020

The IBEX 35 rises 0.36% after opening by the pull of the bank

The main indicator of the Spanish Stock Exchange, the IBEX 35, changed sign a few minutes after registering a negative opening and advanced 0.36% driven by the banks, which allowed it to establish itself above 9,400 points.

At 9.15 local time, the selective was scored 33.60 points equivalent to the aforementioned 0.36% and stood at 9,440 integers, so that the earnings accumulated in the year were at 10.50%.

The Spanish Stock Exchange fell 0.09% yesterday, affected by some business results, which were partially offset by the advance of the banking system and the lack of definition of Wall Street.

In Europe, the big markets were divided between the losses of London and Frankfurt, which began the day with respective cuts of 0.16% and 0.04%, and the timid advances of Milan and Paris, which recovered 0.02 % and 0.04%.

With the euro at $ 1.1077, the risk premium of the Spanish debt stood at 64 points and the yield of the Spanish bond at ten years, at 0.34%.

Among the most capitalized securities of the Spanish selective Iberdrola and Repsol, they began the day with quarter-point cuts, while the rest advanced, led by BBVA, with 1.37%; Santander, with 0.96%; Telefónica, 0.06% and Inditex, with 0.04%.

The banks rebounded strongly in the early hours, as happened yesterday's session, led by Bankia, which recovered almost 2%; followed by Banco Sabadell, with 1.92%; BBVA, with 1.37%; Caixabank, with 1.26%; Bankinter, with 1.20% and Santander, with almost 1%.

At this time, Indra was the value of the IBEX that rose the most, 4.39%, after presenting its quarterly accounts yesterday, which include a net profit of 65 million euros, 18% higher than that corresponding to September 2018.

On the contrary, Red Eléctrica and Endesa were the ones that fell most within the IBEX 35, 1.11% and 0.70%.

In the open market, the biggest cuts were for the rights of the capital increase of DIA, which yielded 6.12%, and for Vocento, which fell 4.40%, while Aperam and Airtificial recovered 6.38 % and 3.63%.

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