The IBEX 35 quotes flat due to the lower pressure suffered by the banking

The IBEX 35 quotes flat due to the lower pressure suffered by the banking

The Spanish stock market, which has opened today with losses, turns around minutes after the opening and rises a slight 0.08%, given the lower pressure suffered by the banking sector, which is trying to recover from the significant falls suffered yesterday.

The main national indicator, the IBEX 35, increases that 0.08%, to 8,896 points, with which the losses accumulated in the year are reduced to 11.41%.

In the week that ends today, the national market registers a drop of 0.10%.

In Europe, the main markets are listed with a mixed sign, since Milan falls 0.40%, while Paris increases 0.06%, and London, 0.28%.

In the case of Spain, after closing yesterday with a fall of more than 1%, to December 2016 minimums, dragged by the strong losses of the bank, the Spanish stock market has opened today with doubts.

The Wall Street shutdown yesterday, investors' fear of lower global economic growth, or China's slowdown in GDP, are hurting investors.

In the same way, the national market accuses the new tensions suffered by the Italian debt, after the European Commission has warned the Government that its budgets for 2019 are "worrying".

At the opening, the Italian risk premium rises to 328 basis points, while the Spanish premium rises to 131.

The euro falls to $ 1.1461 in a session in which the banking remains in the market focus, after yesterday suffered major falls after deciding the Supreme Court is the bank and not the customer who You must pay the tax on legal acts documented in the signature of a mortgage.

Some of the Spanish banks are suffering again today in the stock market, and Bankia is ranked as the second most penalized value of the IBEX 35, registering a fall of 1.41%.

Of the rest of banks, Santander also yields 0.51%; BBVA, 0.29%, and CaixaBank, 0.08%.

Sabadell rises 0.30% and Bankinter 0.16%.

In addition to Santander and BBVA, of the other large IBEX 35 securities, Telefónica earns 0.65%; Inditex, 0.53%; Iberdrola, 0.39%; while Repsol falls 0.09%, in a session in which the price of Brent crude rises to 79.63 dollars.

ACS is at the beginning of the day the most bearish value of the IBEX 35, with a drop of 1.33%, while Amadeus leads the gains with a 0.81% increase.

In the continuous market, Renta Corporación stands out by yielding 2.70%, and Berkeley by increasing 13.51%.


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