Wed. Apr 24th, 2019

The Ibex 35 opens flat and remains above the 9,500 points

El Ibex 35 abre plano y se mantiene por encima de los 9.500 puntos

The Ibex
35 has started the session this Friday with flat behavior (+ 0.08%), which has led the selective to be in the 9,542.1 integers at 9.01 am, in a scenario in which the
returns to be protagonist and marked again by the optimism before an imminent commercial agreement between state
United Y China.

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Thus, the selective Madrid woke up staying above the psychological level of the 9,500 integers, after closing yesterday conquering highs of the year, in a week that will conclude with the US employment report.

After closing Wall
Street with an increase of 0.64% and the index Nikkei 0.38%, the main European stock exchanges started the session with increases of 0.2% for Paris Y London, while Frankfurt quoted flat.

In the first bars of the session, ArcelorMittal (+ 1%), IAG (+ 0.6%), Acerinox (+ 0.5%), Aena (+ 0.4%), Marline
Properties (+ 0.3%), Cie
Automotive (+ 0.3%) and Telephone (+ 0.2%), while on the opposite side they were Ferrovial (-0.4%), Grifols (-0.4%) and Amadeus (-0.1%).


The Brexit returns to be protagonist in a scenario marked by the imminent agreement between the US. and China

On the other hand, the price of a barrel of quality oil Brent, reference for the Old Continent, was at a price of 69.12 dollars, while the Texas It was placed at $ 61.99.

Finally, the price of the euro in front of dollar it stood at 1,1226 'greenbacks', while the Spanish risk premium stood at 111 basis points, with the 10-year bond interest at 1.1%.

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