Wed. Dec 11th, 2019

The Ibex 35 loses everything earned in a year due to fear of a recession

The Ibex
35 The day of Wednesday has concluded with a 1.98% collapse, which has led the selective to erase all the gains that had accumulated in the year. The Spanish index has fallen to 8,522.7 integers, marking a new annual low.

The day has continued focusing on the situation of Argentina and of Italy, but above all investors have taken note of the German GDP contraction. The economy of Germany, the largest of Europe, recorded between April and June an activity contraction of 0.1% compared to the first quarter of 2019, when it grew 0.4%. This data, offered by the Federal Statistical Office (Destatis), confirms the slowdown of the europea European locomotive ’by the ballast of the
commercial and the industrial recession, which generates fears about its possible contagion to the rest of the eurozone.


Argentina, Italy, Germany, the commercial war, the industrial recession …

At the same time, the turnover of the Spanish industry fell 5% last June compared to the same month of 2018, its biggest cut in three years, while the orders of orders of the sector were reduced by 3.3% , according to data released this Wednesday by the National Statistics Institute (INE).

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Only five values ​​have managed to remain positive, although progress has been very small: Mediaset (+ 0.95%), Acciona (+ 0.65%), Grifols (+ 0.42%), Marline
Properties (+ 0.24%) and Enagás (+ 0.14%). On the contrary, the biggest declines have been led by values ​​such as ArcelorMittal (-7.72%), Bankia (-5.03%), Bankinter (-4.87%), Bank
Sabadell (-4.78%), Telefonica (-4.2%), MoreMobile (-4.1%) and On (-4%). The main European squares have followed the wake of Madrid and have ended with descents.


Frankfurt loses 2.28%, Paris 2.22% and London 1.69%

The Dax in Frankfurt has lost 2.28%, while the Cac 40 in Paris has fallen by 2.22% and the Ftse 100 in London has done so by 1.69%.

In the debt market, the Spanish risk premium moved around 80 basis points, with interest at a minimum of 0.15%, while in the currency market the euro was exchanged at 1,1144 'notes green'. Finally, the barrel of Brent quality oil, a benchmark for the Old Continent, lost $ 60, while the West Texas Intermediate went down to a price of $ 54.

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