August 9, 2020

The Ibex 35 falls after the PSOE-Podemos pre-agreement – La Provincia

TheSpanish stock exchangeYou have logged out witha fall of 0.87%and has been the only one of the great European in negative, after knowingthe pre-agreement between PSOE and United We Canto form a coalition government that the market understands that could punish the business world.

The main indicator of the Spanish Stock Exchange, theIBEX 35, has closed with a cut of 81.80 points, 0.87%, and has been located at 9,306.70 points, on the verge of even losing 9,300. In the year there is an 8.98%.

The analysts consulted agree that the political programs of the coalition parties could punish companies by way oftax increases, especially to banks, but also to sectors such as electricity, real estate, telecommunications or gaming.

Bankia, which the State controls with 61.78% of the capital, has been the most punished value of the day, with a decrease of 4.55%, which reflects the negative reaction of investors to the idea that manages We can not privatize the entity and create a large public bank around it.CaixaBank4% has also fallen, and only seven securities have been saved from sales, including Mediaset, with an advance of 1.20% and IAG, which gains 0.70%.


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