The Ibex 35 ends 2018 with an annual fall of almost 15%, the highest since 2010 | Economy

The Ibex 35 ends 2018 with an annual fall of almost 15%, the highest since 2010 | Economy

The Ibex took the grapes in 2017 celebrating an annual increase of 7.4%, the first I got in three years, until I signed 10,043 points. In 2018, however, it has not managed to maintain the type: it arrives on New Year's Eve defending the barrier of 8,500 points, the lowest level since 2016; and after living an annual decline of 15% of its value, which makes 2018 the worst year since 2010, when the turbulence of the Great Recession dragged him to lose that year by 17%. The Stock Exchange has put on December 31 the icing on a bitter cake, and that, despite the fact that in the last session of the year (being December 31, there was only quotation until 2 o'clock in the afternoon) has managed to raise a shy 0.5%.

In any case, Spain is not an isolated case. The bags are dyed red throughout Europe. The Eurostoxx 50, the conglomerate of European securities, ends 2018 with a fall of 14.34%. Among the big places, the German stock market takes the worst blow, with a fall of the Dax of 18.26%. Milan follows, with the 16.15% drop. And some better result, but within the pessimism, they achieve London (down 12.48%) and Paris (down 10.95%).

Difficult year for banking

In Spain, within the Ibex 35, banks end a complicated year and all have registered sharp falls this year. Sabadell has the worst balance (-41.34%), followed by Bankia (-39.58%), BBVA (-34.82%), Santander (-27.49%), Caixabank (-18.64) %) and Bankinter (-11.21%). The worst value that ends the year is Mediaset, which has been left behind by 41.34%. In any case, no sector escapes disaster: the metallurgical Arcelor has fallen by 32.9%; the Inda technology, 27.8%; Hotel Meliá loses 28.61%; and the all-powerful Inditex textile, 23%.

Only eight values ​​of the Ibex 35 are saved in green and, by sectors, it is the electricity companies that calmer end the year. The best navigator in 2018 was Naturgy, which celebrates the end of 2018 with a solid rise of 15.64%. Endesa rises 12.74%; Iberdrola, 8.64%; and Acciona, 8.61%. Cellnex, Red Eléctrica, ACS and Amadeus close the group that has managed to save the furniture in this complex 2018.


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