June 21, 2021

The IBEX 35 drops 0.40% after opening, but saves the week and month

The main indicator of the Spanish Stock Exchange, the IBEX 35, has opened this Friday with losses that rise to 0.40% in the first stages of the session, a fall that nonetheless allows the selective to maintain weekly and weekly earnings. November.

Specifically, at 9.15 hours, the IBEX 35 loses 38.20 points, that 0.40%, to 9,321.80 points, thereby reducing annual earnings to 9.15%.

In the month of November, the national market accumulates a positive balance of 0.69%, thanks to the increases in the week ending today, which reach 0.72%.

The Spanish Stock Exchange, which yesterday closed with minimal losses, returns to opt today for the red numbers on a day marked by the festive semipuente on Wall Street.

The US market closed yesterday for Thanksgiving, which drastically reduced the activity, and investors took the opportunity to collect profits after four consecutive sessions on the rise.

The increase in tension between China and the United States marked the previous day and will continue to do so, in which Tokyo has closed another day lower.

Before the opening of the Spanish session it was known that Japan's industrial production decreased 4.2% in October, while unemployment remained at 2.4%.

In Spain, the current account balance will be published today, while the unemployment rate and the CPI will be announced in the eurozone.

In Europe, Frankfurt has opened with a fall of 0.44%; London, 0.43%; Paris, 0.31%; and Milan, 0.26%.

Within IBEX 35, all large securities are listed below: Santander falls 0.64%; BBVA, 0.51%; Telefónica, 0.31%; Inditex, 0.25%; Repsol, 0.24%; and Iberdrola, 0.02%.

ArcelorMittal has started the session as the lowest bearish value of the IBEX 35, with losses of 1.38%; followed by Acerinox, 0.74%.

On the profit side, where only six securities are listed, Merlin Properties stands out, which rises 0.70%; while Másmovil scores 0.46%.

In the continuous market, Deoleo and Realia are the values ​​that lose the most, 2.56%, while Vertice 360 ​​is the one that is most valued, 3.03%.

In the commodities market, the price of Brent crude falls to $ 63.16, while in the debt, the yield of the ten-year national bond falls to 0.41%, with the Spanish risk premium at 77 points basic. EFE


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