The Ibex 35 does not stop its bleeding and is close to 8,200 points

The Ibex 35 does not stop its bleeding and is close to 8,200 points

Our selective continues with the bearish path in which it has been submerged since the highs we marked in May 2017. On Friday we have broken the 8,500 points and we are dangerously close to 8,200, an area we have not visited since mid-2016. here at the end of the year it does not seem that the situation is appeased and there is more and more fear in the market, being very unlikely that the situation becomes positive, because of the seasonality and due to the reduction in the volume that occurs in these dates , it is difficult to increase purchases by investors.

To the existing uncertainties, doubts about the rises of interest rates within the North American economy are added, which has provoked greater indecisions within the selectives of said economy that have infected the rest of their counterparts.

At the corporate level we highlight the good performance of securities such as Acerinox and Amadeus that have accumulated a considerable rise. In the most negative section, we note the bad performance of the selective banking sector that has been accompanied by companies such as Siemens Gamesa and Dia that have accumulated a fall of more than 3%.

Jorge López, analyst at XTB


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