Wed. Aug 21st, 2019

The Ibex 35 continues to rise and recovers the 9,000 points at mid session

El Ibex 35 sigue al alza y recupera los 9.000 puntos a media sesión

The Ibex
35 rose 0.82% in the half session on Tuesday, which led the selective to recover the psychological level of 9,000 points, in a day marked by the principle of agreement to try to avoid another partial closure of the Administration in state

Specifically, the main Spanish index stood at 9,010 integers at 12.00, with most of the values ​​in green, after the Dow
Jones has closed with a decrease of 0.21%, compared to the Nikkei, that an increase of 2.65% has been noted in scenario marked by the conversations
commercial between state
United Y China.

Only three values ​​of the table were placed in negative terrain: IAG (-0.92%), Colonial (-0.57%) and Cellnex (-0.28%). On the other side of the scale, CIE
Automotive up 4%, followed by Meliá (+ 2.98%), Techniques
Gathered (+ 1.72%), Acciona (+ 1.52%), Inditex (+ 1.5%) and Endesa (+ 1.37%).

The rest of European stock exchanges also maintained with increases of 1.12% in the case of Frankfurt, of 1% for Paris and 0.28% for London.


European stock exchanges are also recorded increases

On the other hand, the barrel of quality oil Brent, reference for the Old Continent, was at a price of 62.24 dollars, while the Texas It was placed at $ 52.99.

Finally, the price of the euro against the dollar stood at 1,1288 'greenbacks', while the Spanish risk premium stood at 109 basis points, with the interest charged on the 10-year bond at 1,223%.

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