The Ibex 35 closes the week with a 1.6% rise that places it at 8,877 points – La Provincia

The Ibex 35 closes the week with a 1.6% rise that places it at 8,877 points - La Provincia

TheIBEX 35the week ended with an advance of 1.59%, after raising 0.23% in the day of this Friday, which has led the selective to close in the8,877.1 points. In the two weeks of the new year, the main Spanish index accumulates profits of almost 4%.

The stock market behaves like this in a scenario marked by optimism aboutTrade negotiations between the United States and China, as well as by the signs of greater flexibility of the Federal Reserve (Fed), which would be willing to smooth out the rate increases during the year.

However, XTB analyst Joaquín Robles has explained that, despite the increases of this beginning of the year, the same negative catalysts that causedstrong falls during the last months2018

"Despite the new negotiations betweenUSA and Chinaabout the commercial war, for the moment they have not announced any type of measure, so the threat that it may cause a slowdown in global growth is still present, "said the expert.

Also, this same Friday investors are waiting to see the latest update of the rating of Spanish debt by the agency Fitch, which becomes the firstevaluate Spain in 2019. Currently assign an 'A-' note with stable perspective.

On the side of promotions they have stood out in the session ofthis FridayIAG (+ 3.27%), Mediaset (+ 2.9%), Merlin Properties (+ 1.7%), Colonial (+ 1.47%), Grifols (+ 1.28%), Mapfre (+1 , 08%), BBVA (+ 1.04%), ACS (+ 0.96%) and CaixaBank (+ 0.8%).

On the contrary,greater setbacksthey were presented by Técnicas Reunidas (-2.64%), Bankinter (-2.22%), Bankia (-1.44%), ArcelorMittal (-1.31%), CIE Autimotive (-0.87%), Viscofán (-0.82%) and Red Eléctrica (-0.73%).

UnlikeIBEX 35, the rest ofEuropean bagsThey have closed the day of this Friday in negative terrain. Thus, the FTSE 100 in London has experienced a fall of 0.35%, while the CAC 40 in Paris has lost 0.51% and the DAX 30 in Frankfurt has lost 0.28%.

On the other hand, the price of a barrel of oilBrent quality, reference for the Old Continent, corrected the accumulated gains in the last days and it was located in the 60.94 dollars, while the Texas was placed in the 51.96 dollars.

Also, the price of the euro againstthe dollar was at 1.1475 'greenbacks', while the Spanish risk premium stood at 127 basis points, with the interest required on the 10-year bond at 1.482%.

Investor concerns

Robles has indicated that next week could see an outcome inthe Brexit negotiations, where it seems complicated that the British Parliament accepts the pre-agreement reached between theEuropean Unionand Theresa May. "A 'no' could trigger a period of uncertainty and also a vote of no confidence and the respective call for elections," he said.

The analyst of XTB has also pointed to Italy, although he considers that the transalpine country has "reassured" and its situation after the government coalition agreed to lower its budget deficit to2019 from 2.4% to 2.04%, thus avoiding economic sanctions.

The great concern will continue to be that economic growth will be reduced or business results will begin to fall. Given this risk, the Fed has already begun to consider carrying out onlytwo rate hikes in 2019, instead of the expected four, which will depend on the evolution of the economy.

"The greatmarket correctionbefore the fear of a rapid rise in the price of money, the strategy of the American monetary authority has been reconsidered, "stressed Robles.

In short, for next week, the expert has indicated that it will be necessary to unlock part of thementioned threatsso that investors can regain confidence.


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