The Iberian males were annihilated during an invasion 4,500 years ago - The Province

A genetic analysis conducted by the Harvard University concludes that the native men of the Iberian Peninsula were exterminated after an invasion 4,500 years ago.

In this way, the invaders became the only ones to leave descendants, after mixing with the women of the Iberian Peninsula. David Reich, from Harvard Medical School in Boston, Massachusetts, which presented these results at the New Scientist Live event in London, this weekend.

The invaders came from the mysterious culture Yamna, originally from the Caucasus and the northern littoral of the Black Sea. This was a culture of the end of the Copper Age and the beginning of the Bronze Age (3600 _ 2300 a.C.), whose name comes from the Russian word 'yama' which means pit, that is, a simple grave in a well.

The yamniki They not only used metals at home and in war, but also had wheeled vehicles. As for his physique, they had brown eyes, a very prominent nose, a strongly bowed forehead and eyebrows.

Part of the findings were extracted from excavation studies in the Murcian site of La Bastida.

"Those invaders spread across a vast territory from Mongolia to Hungary and Europe, and they are the most important primary contributors to Europeans today," Reich said, quoted by New Scientist.

In the case of the Iberian Peninsula, Reich maintains that "The collision of these two populations was not friendly, not even the same, but the men from outside displaced the locals and they did it almost completely, while women would have been enslaved", according to Reich.


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