November 28, 2020

The Iberdrola Guerreras League bets on dividing the competition into two groups – La Provincia

The Iberdrola Guerreas League, the highest category of national female handball, which has three representatives from Canrias (Rocasa Gran Canaria, Salud Tenerife and Puerto del Carmen de Lanzarote), will undergo a format change due to the coronavirus crisis. The Royal Spanish Handball Federation has designed a competition plan where the 16 elite clubs will play in two subgroups of eight teams that will give access to two phases: fight for the title and against relegation.

In this way, instead of betting on the current format that implied a regular league with 16 teams and a total of 30 days, the Guerreras League would be divided into two groups. The draft of this new format is very advanced and has pleased the majority of teams that make up the competition. On the one hand, Rocasa Gran Canaria (eighth) would face against Elche (second), Liberbank Gijón (fourth), Granollers (sixth), Porriño (eleventh), Salud Tenerife (ninth) and the promoted Morvedre and Córdoba.

On the other hand, Puel Pereda appears as newly promoted in a group that is completed by Bera Bera (first), Atlético Guardés (third), Málaga (fifth), Aula Valladolid (seventh), Zuazo (ninth), Alcobendas (twelfth).

The preparation of the groups caters to the classification of the last league, except for the Canarian teams, since it would involve an extra expense of travel for their rivals.

If this new format is accepted, the initial phase would consist of 14 matches where the first four would fight for the title and the last four to avoid relegation. But also the results among the group rivals would drag for the second phase, with a new league of eight days and a total of 22, which is eight less than if the current format is maintained.

Two Cups of the Queen

The schedule for next season seems very complex. The RFEBM does not want to leave the Queen’s Cup for the 2019-2020 season, so its intention is that it be played before the end of the year with the teams that had already qualified. In addition to the Warrior League, the previous qualifiers for the 2021 Cup would also have to be played. All with international appointments in between such as the European 2020, the pre-Olympics and the Tokyo Games.


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