The IAPA says Maduro's dream is to have a website for the North Korean

The IAPA says Maduro's dream is to have a website for the North Korean

The dream of the Government of Venezuela led by President Nicolás Maduro "is to have a website for the North Korean," according to the report on Venezuela presented today to the 74th General Assembly of the SIP.

The report states that a website to the North Korean is "an intranet in which only those who have a key and the confidence of the leadership would gain access to news from the outside world."

"Maduro would prefer nothing of news or interrelation on the internet, only to be used at the official level," says the report, which was presented by Gilberto Urdaneta, representative of "El Regional del Zulia", of Ciudad Ojeda.

"Eighteen years after the 'process' of institutional spraying started, the regime, although censoring the Internet, has also made the network the essential support for its existence, even as a vehicle for information on its more than 700 media, guarantors of the 'communicational hegemony' and propaganda, "the document adds.

Urdaneta stressed that in his country "there are many stations and closed media", while he recalled that the presentation he made had to have made "a person who could not leave Venezuela."

He also reported that paper is not available, as a result of which newspapers increasingly reduce the circulation.

On the other hand, in the print media the situation is difficult because "there is no cash" and the vendors who are on the street can not give out the newspapers because people do not have the money to buy them.

The SIP, a private non-profit organization dedicated to the defense and promotion of freedom of the press and of expression in the Americas, is made up of editors and directors of more than 1,300 media outlets in the Americas and is based in Miami (USA). ).


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