The husky dog ​​that says "no" to its owner

Sophie Evan28, from Bristol, UK, wanted to enjoy some hugs with his husky, but the dog had no intention of moving from his spot. When Sophie demanded some 'pampering' from her dog, her Rex, she decided complain and get angry during the conversation as if having a tantrum, repeating "no" in a defiant tone.

Apparently, the attitude did not surprise Ewan, since he is accustomed to the refusal of her dog to give love On this occasion, the young woman decided to take the camera and record her husky while they had the conversation, leaving all her followers stunned. "It is not the first time that Rex speaksthe day he answered me, I couldn't believe it" explained Sophie. Siberian huskies, known for their strong character, are considered one of the most intelligent racesso it is not so strange that they process words and repeat them.

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