July 30, 2021

The hurricane 'Leslie' left its mark on the Canary Islands – The Province

The hurricane 'Leslie' left its mark on the Canary Islands - The Province

He hurricane 'Leslie' In the last few hours it has experienced a slight turn to the South, bringing part of its trajectory closer to the Northwest of the Canary Islands. While own Meteorology Statal Agency (Aemet) acknowledges that it is still early to know the route he will finally experience, he advances that during the weekend the archipelago will register showers, especially in the western islands and that they will make their first appearance throughout this Wednesday.

In a specific forecast note for the bridge this weekend, Meteorology indicates that on Friday the situation in the Islands will be carried out by weak winds of the northern component, while on Saturday the squalls are expected in the insular territory, that will gain in intensity throughout Sunday.

However, the situation for the last day of the week it appears a priori with more uncertainty, at the expense of the trajectory that the tropical cyclone finally travels. At the moment, as specified by the Aemet, the latest data from the prediction models point to several possible trajectories that could affect our territory or its surroundings, pointing specifically to the northwest of the Canary Islands, Morocco or the west of the peninsula.

In any case, from the different profiles of the social networks, the Aemet has been reporting the update of the planned trajectories, being the cyclone to the north of the Archipelago in the last one.


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