The Hunters of Offers of the Black Friday, in march - The Province

The Hunters of Offers of the Black Friday, in march - The Province

We are already running. The alliance closed byTHE PROVINCEwith the global e-commerce giant, Amazon, has put our'Bidders'.

This starts a complex process so that you can reallyfind the best products and the best prices, in all those things you plan to buy for this Christmas.

Since yesterday we are already classifying all the requests of our readers, that throughout the day, uninterruptedly, we have been receiving on our website.

Now, our 'Bid Hunters' and the experts fromBuyMejor.eshave begun to classify all those requests to work inthe analysis and selection of the best offersBlack FridayYCyber ​​Monday, in case they have requested the two days 'super sales'.

The way to get together to send you the best value for money in one of the best selling nights in the world, is very simple.

You only have to, and in a preferential place you will find an article from which you must order the products you want.

The mechanics consist offill out a simple surveyin which we suggest the products you can request.

And so that it is not an overwhelming list of almost 160 items, we have organized it into categories, which you can display or not, depending on the interest that each of them arouses.

At 32 you can click on the yes and no. With the red button goes to the next category. And with the green, or the photo, in almost all cases a list of products will appear.

More than five products each

The experience of the first few hours is that almost all our readers have asked the Hunters for offers to search for the best discounts on more than five different products.

Surprisingly, however, most have only clicked on one of each category, so it's not too much to say thatYou can click on all you want, without limit.

Regarding the preferences that have been observed in the first hours of the survey, it is surprising how successful the products related to Alexa have been. On allEcho speakers.

After,the 10 most demanded categorieshas been Sports, Televisions, Household Items, Household, Kitchen, Toys, Videogames, Clocks, Audio, Mobile.


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