May 11, 2021

The hunter who killed a 4-year-old child does not see criminal responsibility

The hunter who killed a 4-year-old child does not see criminal responsibility

The man accused of shooting On January 19, he killed a 4-year-old boy during a hunt in Burguillos (Seville) considers that what happened was a "unfortunate accidental accident" but without "criminal responsibility" although possibly civil, have informed Efe sources of the case.

Luis A.G., a sexagenarian Argentine who has lived for more than 30 years in El Puerto de Santa María (Cádiz), is "sunk" and "psychologically very badly", the sources added.

In his defense, the defendant, who is an architect, He claims that he was not informed of the rest of the positions of the organized hunt for boar hunting and that when he fired he did not see that in that direction he was the youngest, who did not move from his seat and was sitting on a stool next to his father and grandfather.

Ensures that, between bushes of a meter and a half high, saw a boar approaching and shot once, and that after the second shot he heard some "heartrending cries" from the family of the minor, after which he went to them and for what he rejects the possible crime of omission of the duty of relief that the private accusation wants to impute to him.

His defense also states that the hunter went to the health center of Burguillos (Seville), where they tried to revive the child and where the Civil Guard ordered him to go to the Commandery, where he gave police statement before doing so as a detainee before the investigating judge 16 of Seville, who released him on provisional liberty accused of reckless homicide.

The defense of the hunter has also shown his surprise because the organizer of the hunt has been cited as a witness, and not as accused, next February 8, when the declaration is scheduled in the court of several assistants to the hunt.

The child's family, meanwhile, The defendant is charged with the crime of serious reckless homicide because he considers that the hunter acted negligently and recklessly by moving more than twenty meters from his post to perform the fatal shot, something expressly prohibited in hunts of wild boars of this type.

The relatives also want to charge him with a crime of omitting the duty of relief because they claim that, after the shooting, the defendant did not stay in the area to care for the child.

The relatives of the minor, that received a single impact of a 12 mm bullet in the head, justify taking him as a spectator to the hunt because it is a usual practice among hunters and is also legal, something that the grandfather has habitually done with other children.

The event took place in the "La Lapa" reserve, in the municipality of Guillena, located in the foothills of the northern Sierra de Sevilla.


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