July 24, 2021

The humorist Ángel Garó is acquitted of a crime of domestic violence

The humorist Ángel Garó is acquitted of a crime of domestic violence

The humorist Ángel Garó has been acquitted by the Criminal Court No. 5 of Malaga of the crime of injuries that the prosecutor of Malaga accused him for allegedly injuring his partner in May 2017 after a discussion at the artist's home.

The judge considers that the complainant has incurred "in numerous contradictions and inaccuracies that do not clarify or clarify what happened", according to the ruling, which Efe has had access to, which adds that the requirements of jurisprudence do not exist to grant full credibility and solidity to his testimony.

Angel Garó's defense lawyer, Augusto Pansard Anaya, has stated in a statement that in the judgment it is estimated that the complainant introduces a "confusing version" of the moments and place where the events occur, together with other circumstances "so that , the defendant must be acquitted, and the principle of in dubeo pro reo must be applied ".

In addition, the statement of the forensic doctor who considered during the trial that the alleged victim's injuries "it is possible that they could come both from an intentional push and from an accidental fall down the stairs" has been taken into account.

The magistrate understands that the circumstances were outlined by the prosecution "without these data being introduced in this way and with this description in the statement that the complainant provided at the police station or in the statement before the Court of Instruction on May 25. of 2017.

Ángel Garó currently is participating in the reality show "Big Brother VIP" so to attend the trial had to leave for a few hours the program to attend the judicial appointment, where he was accompanied by staff of the producer that he wore it with helmets so he would not hear anything from outside.

The artist was faced by the prosecutor of Malaga and the private prosecution to a request twenty months in prison as well as two years of prohibition of approach and communication with the complainant.

However, the judgment is not final insofar as it can be appealed before the Provincial Court of Malaga within a period of ten days.

The humorist, based in Malaga, acknowledged at the trial that on May 24, 2017 he had an argument with the victim, but denied any kind of struggle or throwing him down the stairs, as the complainant maintained, who declared behind a screen and assured who always did the same thing, "first he beat me and then he asked me to forgive him"


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