July 27, 2021

The humiliation of a child with cerebral palsy that unnerves the networks

The humiliation of a child with cerebral palsy that unnerves the networks

Brett Corbett is 14 years old and has been the victim of school bullying by his classmates. Last Tuesday, November 6, a group of about 30 students from Canada's Glace Bay School walked around the school and passed by a stream. One of them came up with the "brilliant" idea of ​​asking Brett to lie on the water to act as a bridge and to get through to the other side without getting wet. Brett accepted. A girl stepped on his back to cross while the rest recorded the scene and laughed. Moreover, one of the teenagers comes to throw a stone.

Brandon Jolie, father of a friend of Corbett, received the video and posted it on Facebook to denounce what had happened: "I have never been more upset in my life, the young man in this video is my son friend, he has cerebral palsy". Jolie appealed to parents and to the education they give their children: "Parents: you failed this generation, many teenagers stood up and saw it and even recorded it, I hope you see this video, recognize your child and feel embarrassed". The girl who stepped on him said "you should be ashamed of yourself".

Jolie remembers that "everyone who knows this boy knows that he has a disability. Is it so difficult to show some compassion? Stand up and not only allow it to happen but they recorded it as if it were a joke! We are in 2018, shows a little respect for others. "

"I think we have to face this situation and change it. We have to look at our children and the lessons we are teaching them, we have to play a more active role in their social life. Things like this happen because we do not know what our children are doing at school or with their friends. This has to change, "he concluded.

Jim Ellsworth, father of one of the children who harassed Corbett, explained to "The Chronicle Herald" that "he cried when he saw his son's video, I am absolutely devastated, he has made a big mistake and he will suffer the consequences. stopped crying since he saw the video on Thursday, that's not the kid we know. " In addition, Ellsworth said that they have enrolled the child in a school program and that they will start volunteering at the school breakfast program starting tomorrow. He also announced that the teenager will write an apology letter and give it to the family. A letter that Corbett would gladly accept: "Life is too short to hold a grudge. I do not think he's a bad person. They were all participating, so he decided to join, "he said." I'm glad they threatened me because maybe this would be a small change. I do not want to intimidate anyone else. "

When the images arrived at those responsible for the school, they announced that they had opened an investigation: "This is an unacceptable and very disappointing behavior, this kind of behavior will not be tolerated and it's not one of the things we're proud of, "a spokesperson said.

The students also showed their rejection of what happened and last Friday, about twenty of them left their classes to protest what happened. They denounced that the school is not doing enough to prevent and end the bullying and regretted that the girl who jumped on Corbett was only suspended for a day, although officially the center has refused to explain and has forbidden the students to return to talk about the matter.


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