The humiliating statements of Antonio David Flores against Carlota Corredera

Antonio David Flores suffers a personal and professional blow since his ex-wife three months ago, Rocio Carrasco, became the absolute protagonist of television and crossed it out of physical, psychological and manipulative abuser.

The Vigo Carlota Sliding, host of the documentary series 'Rocío: tell the truth to stay alive', She does not allow the version of Rocío Jurado's daughter to be questioned and her confrontations with her ex-husband are common. But now it's up to him to make his judgment.

The broadcast of the documentary series of Telecinco censored the former civil guard of Telecinco, the chain in which he worked as a collaborator in several top-rated shows such as Sálvame or Viva la Vida. These opportunities came after his participation in Big Brother VIP, but the production company expelled Antonio David from all his jobs.

The productThe TV Factory fired him abruptly after the first episode and the chain does not allow him to pronounce in his spaces. He couldn't even visit his wife, Olga Moreno, in Survivors.

Carlota Sliding became extremely involved in the family conflict: requested the dismissal of collaborators who questioned Rocío Carrasco's version, does not allow anyone to speak ill of her, threw "poisoned darts" at Antonio David and came to challenge their daughter, Rocío Flores, with a controversial invitation.

Antonio David Flores explodes

Last week Antonio David Flores week broke his silence with a resounding ridicule in an interview with three youtubers . He has decided to step forward and does not want to hide anymore.

He has posted a tweet on his social network account in which he says: "Carlota Save me Corredera". In the criticizes the way of dealing with the delicate issue of mistreatment by the chain, specifically by the presenter Carlota Corredera, who has crossed out "Rocío Carrasco deniers" to all those who do not share his way of doing television and to those who criticize the public lynching of the Flores family.

“Good afternoon, community. I leave you an article by @Joseatrujillo and nothing else to add " the protagonist has written along with an image of the aforementioned article.

The husband of Olga Moreno He has been away from television for more than three and a half months. Now is totally committed to taking the appropriate legal measures together with his lawyers after the irreparable damage that he believes has been caused, both to him and his family.

His wife, Olga Moreno, publicly read the letter that her husband sent her to Honduras, in which she said, among other things, that "she had plenty of what others had never had", making a clear reference to the famous phrase "she doesn't have a pussy" used by Rocío Carrasco during one of the episodes of the documentary. soc


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