The humanity of “Loco desatino” and “Peribáñez” by Lope at the Almagro theater

Almagro (Ciudad Real), Jul 16 (EFE) .- Ana Maestrojuán and Eduardo Vasco present at the 44th edition of the International Festival of Classic Theater of Almagro (Ciudad Real) two works with plots far apart but with humanity as a common point , “Crazy folly” and “Peribáñez and the Commander of Ocaña”.

The author and director of “Loco desatino”, Ana Maestrojuán, explained in the press conference offered this Friday that this work shows the viewer the biographical history of the writer Ana Caro and raises questioning “the lack of recognition” that leads to debate social, gender or racial inequalities from a timeless character who “plays” with “reality, fiction and the present.”

The figure of Ana Caro is exposed in this work from a starting point such as the crisis of the author in the process of writing “Valor, grievio y mujer” to which the characters, the fruit of their creation, are revealed.

Maestrojuán has admitted that in this work he has allowed himself a great “freedom” to play with the characters and the time since the manifestation of “very human themes” in a very funny plot and which Angel García, actor of the montage, has defined as “Crazy madness.”

The actor of “Crazy nonsense” has affirmed that the montage has a “deeply feminist” message created by the author “without being intended” and achieved from “the human value itself”, in a show that can be enjoyed this Friday and Saturday at the Municipal Theater.

Also participating in this press conference were Eduardo Vasco and Rafael Ortiz, director and actor of “Peribáñez and the Commander of Ocaña”, a plot by Lope de Vega that shows his “most canonical” style and puts on stage the fight between the value of the condition on social status in the face of human “ethics” staged in a rural setting, a resource little used in today’s theater, as explained by Eduardo Vasco, to get in touch with folklore and traditions.

For his part, Rafael Ortiz, actor of the montage, has assured that he is very satisfied with a show whose process has been “very special”, by a Lope de Vega who creates “a material that is very easy to work with” and with which, through “Four strokes”, transfers to the viewer the humanity of the characters in a plot inhabited by jealousy, love or inequality and with which he hopes to fill the theater seats again by thanking the audience for “the desire to come to the theater”.

“Peribáñez and the Commander of Ocaña” will be represented this Friday and this Saturday at the Old Renaissance University (AUREA) and its tickets are already sold out.


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