the human Ken becomes Barbie

After spending about 750,000 euros in more than 60 operations to look like Ken, Barbie's inseparable friend, Rodrigo Alves has taken a radical turn in his life and has now invested more than 100,000 euros to become Barbie and dreams of becoming a mother someday.

At 36, this flight attendant explains to "The Sun" that "I always felt feminine" but inside he said something he had to prove he was very manly, so he tried his best to look like Ken, the doll that marked his childhood. The transformation was not simple and needed ten nose operations - which he almost lost due to an infection -, three chin implants, leg liposuction, bicep filling, calf implants, hair transplants, jaw liposuction, multiple botox injections and fillings, dental covers, rib extraction, cheek implants, buttock injections, eye and neck lifting and facial stretching, among others ...

But Alves indicates that he fought a lot to look like Ken, but he really failed to ease the pain he felt inside feeling like Barbie: “It was a really difficult decision, but I reached a point where I could no longer live as a man. In November I began to undergo surgery to remove the implants in which I had spent so much money and in January I began the feminization process to become a woman. It has been a long, painful and expensive journey, but I am finally at a point in my life where I look in the mirror and I am beginning to recognize myself. "

Alves has happened to be called Jessica and its beginnings are far away in 2014, when he began to gather a legion of followers, which exceeds one million on Instagram and that led him to star in the cover of the Italian edition of Vogue.

Jessica was born São Paulo, from a Brazilian mother and a British father. Raised in a Catholic family, she lived her childhood surrounded by women, her mother, her two aunts and her grandmother due to the constant travels of her father, an airline pilot. She was never interested in her toys and was always interested in her sister's, four years younger than her. There he discovered the Barbie, her long blond hair and her pink dresses. “I danced in front of the TV with my sister's dresses and, although my mother never cared, my father would stop me. I told everyone 'you're ruining it, it needs to be a man.' At that time I didn't know what difference there was between boys and girls. At school he played with the girls and the boys harassed him.

When Jessica reached puberty, she began to resent herself for not being as "manly" as other children. At 16 he developed male breasts and hated him. “For me, it was a physical sign that I was more feminine than the others, so my parents decided to operate on me to have them taken away. That was the beginning of everything, "he adds.

Accepted to study at the London School of Economics, flew to the United Kingdom. He didn't fit in college either but he finished his studies and started working as a flight attendant in Virgin Atlantic. He traveled the world and saved all the money he could to begin his transformation.

Her first interview in "The Sun" catapulted her to fame and multiplied her television appearances, interviews, photo shoots. This blow of self-esteem and easy money fattened his obsession with surgery and continued to undergo various treatments. But in 2019 he was clear that he was not happy with his body and that he had to become a woman in order to be happy.

In January he began his transition with titanium breast and facial implants, chin reduction, hair extensions, botox, facelift, liposuction and face lift. “Although I have a high pain threshold, recovery has been difficult. I still have more pending surgeries, but first I have to recover and gain weight since I need more fat to put it on my hips. I will also have implants on my butt and other nose surgery, as well as hair extensions to make it more blonde and longer like Barbie's. "

Genital surgery will have to wait because first I want to accept my femininity before having surgery: "

I am learning to be a woman and to walk like them. I don't think he took it too far. Things don't always go according to plan. My nose is so damaged that I can't breathe and if I catch a cold it could be very bad, but I lead a healthy lifestyle to make sure I'm strong. ”

Jessica also plans her next goals in life: “I want to find love. I've only had two relationships in my life and I'm desperate to find a partner. “My ideal man is independent. I don't like funny people. I like an intelligent man who knows how to treat a woman and enjoy my body. I want a tall boy with a great physique. "

In addition, he dreams of being a mother in the future: "Once I find love, I would like to adopt and have a big family. I don't talk to my father, but my mother is aware of everything and is happy. She still doesn't know Jessica, but she will do it very soon. I did my best to be a man and I failed, but now I am the woman I always wanted to be and I am happy. "


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