The Housing Law will regulate the rental prices of large owners

PSOE and United We Can have reached, early this Tuesday, an agreement for the coalition government to move forward with the Housing Law. This will include specific aspects, such as a new regulation for large property owners.

The law, for those who have more than 10 homes, will regulate prices to lower rents based on the reference index for all contracts in stressed market areas. In addition, tax privileges will be withdrawn, according to sources from United We Can.

For smallholders, there will be price freezes and tax incentives to lower them.

On the other hand, it is committed to the public rental park, with a reserve of 30% of all promotions for protected housing. Of that 30%, half will go to social rent.

As for a tax on empty housing, it will be executed, according to this agreement, through the IBI surcharge of up to 150%, which may be applied by the municipalities.

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