July 28, 2021

'The house of flowers' will have two new seasons | TV

'The house of flowers' will have two new seasons | TV

Frame from 'The house of flowers'. In the video, the trailer for the first season of the series.

The Netflix series The house of flowers will have second and third season. The new episodes of the comedy, which has ironic with the concept of telenovela in Mexico, can be seen from 2019 on this platform streaming. Infidelities, forbidden romances and the extravagant attempts to take forward a family business in ruins will have continuity for at least two more seasons, according to Twitter on its creator, Manolo Caro.

With a transsexual son-in-law, a husband who has been in prison, a bisexual son and endless debts, the efforts of the De la Mora family to look perfect were in vain in this first season. The scandals were known in the neighborhood and in the pink press, so it remains to be seen if in the next chapters they manage to continue belonging to that Mexican upper class that is so ridiculed throughout these first 13 episodes.

"Many people were shy about defining The house of flowers like a melodrama or a soap opera. They thought that I would get angry. And on the contrary. It is coherent and genuine ", said Mexican director Manolo Caro in a recent interview to EL PAÍS.

No details have yet been given about the characters that will participate in these new seasons but the comedy has already left one especially iconic. The way of speaking of Cecilia Suárez, playing one of the daughters, Paulina, has jumped off the screen to sneak into the conversations between friends. Veronica Castro, who plays the mother of this big family surrounded by problems, has recently assured her that it was difficult for her to continue being part of the comedy.

It also surrounds a sea of ​​doubts the future of the cabaret inherited from The house of flowers, become instead of striptease, and that has generated more than one headache for the De la Mora family in the first season.


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