April 10, 2021

The House of Coln pays tribute to six scientists and graffiti artists – La Provincia

The House of Coln pays tribute to six scientists and graffiti artists - La Provincia

The House of Columbus this year, for the first time, the celebration of the International Day of the Girl and Science this Monday, February 11 with the activity 'Scientists and discoverers. They also discovered America ', with which a tribute has been paid to six women whose research activity has directly or indirectly enabled the Columbian milestone.

Artists of the team 'Assembly sabotage' and a score of students from the School of Art and Design Superior of Gran Canaria participated in an activity of graffiti who has collected their names and achievements for the world, an activity that has been developed on the Green Cover of the Casa de Colón, in the Plaza del Pilar Nuevo. The objective of this project is "to make visible the role of women in science", the director of the Casa de Colón highlighted during the presentation, Elena Acosta, who has informed that the graffiti panels can be visited in the museum until March 8, International Women's Day.

For its part, the head of the Service of Museums of the Cabildo de Gran Canaria, Alicia Bolaños, has indicated that "when we talk about gender violence we talk about all the areas in which women suffer discrimination". He also warned that "science is one of them" and lamented "the lack of references" as women researchers.

This mural has been made, in real time, with a design devised by artists and students in a previous workshop given by graffiti artists at the center of artistic education in the capital of Gran Canaria.

The creation, which has been expressed in wooden boards made specifically for the occasion and not on the wall, has been dedicated to Hypatia of Alexandria, astronomer and mathematics; Beatriz Galindo, Latinist and educator of the court of Isabel I of Castile; Mencía Calderón, first advanced and Spanish explorer; Coletta Hondius, first cartographer; Jeanne Baret, botanist and first woman to go around the world; Y Maria Sibylla Merian, initiator of modern entomology.

Each of these women was a forerunner in an area of ​​knowledge related to the museum contents of the Casa de Colón, which wanted to dedicate its premiere in the celebration of February 11 to highlight the feminine role in the contribution to the history of the Discovery of America and the post-Columbian stage.

Thus, the women honored on this occasion have to do with the trips and explorations of the time, as well as with other areas in which they made history (before or after 1492) in astronomy, navigation instrumentation, geography , exploration, cartography or zoology.

On December 15, 2015 the General Assembly of the United Nations proclaimed February 11 of each year as the International Day of Women and Girls in Science. This celebration aims, on the one hand, make visible the hidden role of women in science to make it public and known by the citizenship, in a way that recognizes it in its just terms comparable to that developed by man throughout history. On the other, and no less relevant, this International Day aims to promote scientific vocation among girls, still marked by a gender gap and inequality in access to scientific and technological careers that continues to be translated into the female presence in the scientific field.

The Casa de Colón is incorporated into the agenda of activities in Spain on February 11 and intends to continue celebrating this International Day from now on and each year highlighting the role of women in Science. 'Scientists and discoverers. They also discovered America 'is an activity to make visible the role of women researchers and is included in the program of events that throughout the month of February will dedicate the Casa de Colón to this theme.


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