July 14, 2020

The house in order, an electoral motto of Áñez similar to Alfonsín’s phrase

“The house in order”, an expression of an electoral video of the interim president of Bolivia, Jeanine Áñez, recalls “the house is in order”, a phrase that made famous the one who was Argentine president Raúl Alfonsín.

The video broadcast on social networks begins with the phrase “you had to put the house in order”, and then mention that “today Bolivia is in order”, with images of the transitory president and candidate cleaning with other people a messy home.

The images promote Áñez’s candidacy at the head of the Together Together for the May 3 elections in Bolivia.

Deputy Tomás Monasterio, of Democrats, the party of the interim president, posted this video on Twitter with a message that highlights that “It’s time to put the house in order!”

“Happy Easter! The house is in order,” were the words spoken by the then Argentine President Raúl Alfonsín in 1987 after the crisis unleashed during Holy Week in his country due to the military riot known as the “carapintadas”.

Alfonsin, who died in 2009, pronounced that phrase, remembered since then, during a speech before a crowd in Buenos Aires after which it was the first military uprising after recovering democracy in the country in 1983.

Bolivia lives an electoral environment on the way to the May elections, to which eight candidates attend, among them the one of Áñez, questioned when he announced it, because before he had maintained that he would only be in power temporarily until a new Government that leaves the polls.

The polls favor former Minister Luis Arce for the Movement to Socialism (MAS) of Evo Morales, followed by the alliance headed by the interim president and Community Citizen, the group led by the Bolivian former president Carlos Mesa, although without pointing to a triumph in the first round of any of them.


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