April 22, 2021

The hour of the 'reguilones' | sports

The hour of the 'reguilones' | sports

Real Madrid has returned to the base to find an alternative to their problems, which seemed insurmountable not so long ago. He won in the Metropolitan derby with five holders that at some point of their trajectories played in Castilla. Leading the operations, Santiago Solari, whose only professional experience refers to the Real Madrid youth team. It is, therefore, a team with 50% of its players installed in a radically opposite model to the previous one, defined by a decadent star system

The momentum of Madrid would not be understood without the brilliant contribution of Carvajal, Reguilón, Casemiro, Lucas Vázquez and Vinicius, heterogeneous generational group-nine years of difference between Lucas Vázquez and Vinicius-but identifiable by origin, route and character. No one better defines the impact on the team than Reguilón, who has gone from anonymity tothrow the ownership to Marcelo, without anyone complaining.

Only Vinicius maintained some characteristics different from the rest. This season was not expected as a fundamental factor for the team, or even as an appreciable resource. Lopetegui sent him to Castilla, not without debate. It was too good to play in Segunda B, but it was said that he was not prepared to take on the rigors of Real Madrid. He received the typical treatment that applies to the famous and suspicious juveniles, but Vinicius endured the drink and was confirmed as a packaging player.

Vinicius has not been the Robinho that some predicted. Chico listo, aims to achieve stardom through a process of integration in the old culture of Madrid, where a maximum degree of effort and collective commitment was required. In this section it coincides with Carvajal, Reguilón, Lucas Vázquez, Casemiro and Nacho, another respectable member of the group. All of them represent a way of understanding football located at the antipodes of divism that has ended up hurting Real Madrid, leading to a model prone to division, jealousy and vanities.

Unlike Ajax, Barça or Milan, whose best years coincided with the large presence of players from their respective factories, Real Madrid has been characterized by a restrictive use of its fabulous quarry. In general, it acts as a last resort in times of crisis: the Quinta del Buitre appeared after four years of Madrid's failures in the League and in Europe; Raul emerges from nowhere to replace the twilight Butragueño in a team that had lost four consecutive Leagues; the pavones they were more a failed advertising product than an alternative to the decline of galactic

The platoon of excastillistas, the reguilones, It enjoys remarkable advantages: they are too many to not be noticed and a coach adheres to their cause from the beginning. The homogeneous nature of the group adds the rest. Nor are their football qualities discussed, forged in demanding circumstances, with transfers to good teams of prestigious championships: Oporto, Bayer Leverkusen and Espanyol. All these players have been distinguished by a will of steel to establish themselves in Madrid and increase their influence in the team.

These people have lifted Madrid from the canvas and restored the vitality and ambition he needed. The team looks like them, which is exactly what Madrid needs after its previous atony. It is impossible to think about Madrid without the capital presence of footballers who have almost always carried the secondary label. Fortunately, now happens to Real Madrid as well as the works of Sam Peckinpah, where the stars were very good, but the films were defined by their unforgettable side: Warren Oates, Dirk Borgnine, Martin Strother, Ben Johnson and company.

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