October 22, 2020

The hoteliers estimate the losses of the first weekend with restrictions in Madrid at 8 million




The Madrid Hostelería association They have estimated the impact this weekend of the reduction in the opening hours of bars and restaurants at 8 million euros with the implementation last Friday of the new restriction measures, in compliance with the guidelines of the Ministry of Health.

The Madrid hoteliers affirm that these first three days of new restrictions to stop the expansion of the coronavirus have caused the cancellation of 75,000 dinners in the city of Madrid.

To alleviate the impact of the new measures decreed by the Community of Madrid and the arrival of winter, the hoteliers have requested the Madrid City Council for the general authorization of stoves for the terraces.

The request has been formalized by Hospitality Madrid to the Department of Territorial Coordination of the Madrid City Council, responsible for the organization of the Terraces in the Municipal Boards of Madrid.

They already made this request in the meeting with the councilor of the area, so that the installation of the stoves and vertical parameters is authorized «That favor the comfort of the clients in those terraces located in areas where the installation of stable enclosures is not allowed, such as the downtown area or specially protected areas of the city ”.

These measures would affect more than 1,730 terraces granted until September (out of the 3,889 requested) in the city of Madrid since the beginning of the pandemic, and that they are helping entrepreneurs to maintain their businesses with these outdoor spaces.

With the arrival of winter, and the authorizations for these terraces extended until December 31, «The hoteliers ask to be able to condition these spaces and combine it with agile authorizations by the District Municipal Boards ”.

Madrid hoteliers criticize the «Urgency» of the implementation last Friday of the new measures by the Community of Madrid, in compliance with the order of the Ministry to apply new restrictions on mobility and reduction of capacity and hours. «Leaving no capacity to react to the hotel and catering establishments that already had dinners scheduled for that night and weekend, “they added.

«The situation of the sector needs all the support that administrations can offer us ”, said Juan José Blardony, director of Hospitality Madrid, who considered it necessary that the District Boards should manage in an “agile” way the permits so that the locals can condition the terraces with these elements.

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