The hotel sector expects to reach 50% of the pre-pandemic level in the summer

Madrid, Apr 22 (EFE) .- The hotel sector expects a decrease in activity close to 50% compared to 2019 in the summer in Spain, which means recovering half of the levels it had before the COVID-19 pandemic. 19, according to the forecasts of the Spanish Confederation of Hotels and Tourist Accommodation (Cehat).

However, for this to occur “it is very necessary that we continue with a very high vaccination rate, both in Spain and in the issuing countries; that the perimeter closures end and that, little by little, air connectivity returns”, whose recovery will still take a few months, said its secretary general, Ramón Estalella, on Thursday.

In his opinion, from October or November “we will once again have a much more normal air connectivity than we will possibly have in June, July and August.”

Regarding demand, the confederation expects that the decline in the Spanish market will not exceed 20% this summer, so there will be much more movement.

Regarding foreign tourism, it indicates that nearby countries will recover sooner, but there will not be trips from very distant markets such as Asia and North America, which will affect certain cities.

For Cehat, it will be “fundamental” for the sector to continue with the temporary employment regulation files (ERTE), which must last as long as companies are not able to recover demand.

At the same time, Estalella has considered that the sector has to be helped with extensions in financing and the repayment of credits, because many companies will have difficulties to obtain income, and offer a lot of flexibility in terms of all the regulations to comply with related to fiscal policies.

In his opinion, city councils, autonomous communities and the Government of Spain have to understand that this activity, which has been closed for many months, is going to need very important support to be able to recover the levels of employment and billing it had before. of the pandemic.

It will also be very important to create demand recovery policies, both at the regional and national level, to encourage people to travel again and to end their fears, through the implementation of the Imserso programs or tourist vouchers, among other measures.

In addition, a communication campaign on safety will be necessary, Estalella added, because in their opinion “when we have a very important percentage of our people vaccinated and there is no transmission, and we have data to help us, it will be very important to disclose it. to be able to regain consumer confidence “.


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