September 24, 2020

The hospitality employers are studying legal actions against the new restrictions due to the pandemic: “They are discriminatory”

The hoteliers organize against the new restrictions on your activity agreed by the central government and the autonomous communities due to the increase in outbreaks of coronavirus. The State Hospitality Association of Spain has reported this Tuesday that the 50 territorial organizations that are part of the confederation have agreed to study legal actions against the new limitations, which they consider “discriminatory with respect to other sectors.” The hoteliers’ organizations have also announced protests against these measures, agreed unanimously by the Communities and the Ministry of Health, but which are being approved by each regional government.

Ten people per table in bars and one visit per day in residences: guide to the new measures agreed between Health and the communities

Ten people per table in bars and one visit per day in residences: guide to the new measures agreed between Health and the communities

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According to the Hostelería de España in a statement, this Tuesday the creation of an inter-territorial legal commission was agreed, which “will analyze the filing in a coordinated manner of opposition appeals by each of the Autonomous Communities.” In the opinion of the hoteliers, the restrictions on hours in the hotel and restaurant industry “are unjustified measures, without an impact measurement and discriminatory with respect to other sectors”.

Entrepreneurs maintain that their sector “remains in a situation of discrimination and defenselessness, without having compensatory aid, as is happening with other sectors.” If there is no remedy, the employers estimate that, of the 300,000 establishments that existed before the crisis began, “85,000 could disappear at the end of the year.” The nightlife employers have also risen up against the closures agreed by the authorities, which warn that can lead to the closure of 70% of the companies in the sector if they are not accompanied by any help.

“Our sector is by no means the greatest propagator of this pandemic, but nevertheless it is putting itself in the spotlight by criminalizing a sector, which struggles to maintain the 1.7 million jobs it generates, and which has acted responsibly since a first moment “, affirms the president of Hospitality of Spain, José Luis Yzuel.

Protest rallies

The hospitality associations have also agreed to several protest concentrations in different areas of the national territory due to “the tremendous discomfort that exists among employers and hospitality workers,” indicates the employer, in the face of “restrictive measures without being accompanied by any type of analysis impact and mitigation measures “.

Thus, several provinces of Castilla y León, such as Valladolid, Salamanca, León, Zamora and Palencia will carry out concentrations, in the early hours of Friday 21 to Saturday 22, between 00:00 and 01:30, depending on the city.

In the tourist enclave of Benidorm (Alicante), a march will take place next Sunday, August 23 at 11 am, which will be attended by the president and general secretary of the state employers’ association and “which will depart from the Hotel Cimbel and end at the Town Hall , with the reading of a manifesto demanding justice for the hospitality industry “, informs Hostelería de España.


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