May 16, 2021

The horrible story of Pony, the orangutan forced to prostitute herself

The horrible story of Pony, the orangutan forced to prostitute herself

Chained to a bed, depilated and made up daily, dressed in women's clothing and jewelry, and forced to have sex, this orangutan lived for years in a village in Indonesia until she was finally released from a brothel by members of the Foundation. Survival of the Bornean Orangutan. The sad story of Pony happened in 2003 and now it has gone viral again when the newspaper The Sun has remembered the case.

The members of the team that managed to rescue her relate the horrors to which this female of orangutan was subjected: they discovered that Pony's body had been shaved and that it was covered with painful wounds, chained to a bed in which for two pounds any client could rape her. Above all, they were workers of logging companies and palm oil plantations who abused it.

"Pony was treated like a prostitute, men paid a certain amount of money to the owner of the house to have sex with her," denounced Lone Droscher-Nielsen, a member of the team.

It is believed that Pony was only six years old when she was rescued and it is not known exactly how long she had been in the brothel. "The owner of the house refused energetically to deliver Pony, for her, the orangutan was an ATM and a source of money," the foundation says.

According to the British newspaper, it was necessary the intervention of no less than 35 soldiers to persuade the owner to allow the animal to leave. They moved her to the center of Nyaru Menteng in Borneo, Indonesia, where the workers were alarmed by the damage caused to her.

During her rehabilitation, the men were not allowed to approach her, since she was obviously traumatized by the cruel treatment she had endured. Only after 15 years, he finally has good health and lives in captivity at the Nyaru Menteng Rehabilitation Center, along with seven members of his species.


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