The Hong Kong Stock Exchange opens after the holiday break with coronavirus losses

Beijing, Jan. 29 (EFECOM) .- The Hong Kong Stock Exchange began its first session today after the break for the Chinese New Year holiday with losses of 2.36% after the first fifteen minutes since the opening, due to fear of Coronavirus outbreak that has already left 132 dead in China.

Not one of the fifty titles listed on the benchmark benchmark, Hang Seng, opened today in green.

And the index that measures the behavior of the values ​​of the mainland of China - for now it is there where all the deaths from the coronavirus have been recorded - that are listed in the Hong Kong square, the Hang Seng China Enterprises, lost 2.56% to 09.45 local time (01.45 GMT).

Meanwhile, the two bags of the mainland of China, those of Shanghai and Shenzhen, extended their lunar New Year stop and will not resume their activity until next February 3.

In fact, the Chinese stock market regulator issued a circular today asking investors to stick to the technological means to operate and not go to physical spaces to do so.

As concerns grow about the consequences of the outbreak on the Chinese economy - the tourism sector seems to be one of the first affected by the closure of cities and transport lines - Beijing announced today a fund of 4,400 million yuan (634 million dollars , 576 million euros) to fight the coronavirus.

Likewise, 500 million yuan (72 million dollars, 65 million euros) were assigned on an extraordinary basis to the central province of Hubei, the epicenter of the outbreak and to which another 1,000 million yuan (144 million had already been allocated last Thursday) dollars, 131 million euros) to control the spread of the outbreak.


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