The Honda empire strikes back with a revolutionary motorcycle

Injured, and a lot, Marc Márquez, Sling has ceased to dominate MotoGP World Championship. It happened to Marquez Joan Mir and his suzuki and the Majorcan stole the crown fabio quartararo and his yamaha. It is still curious: when Marc won, the best bike was the Ducati; when Mir won, too, and now that the 'Devil'all agree that the 'Desmosedici' from Borgo Panigale and his genius Gigi Dall'Igna continues to be the one with the best engine, best aerodynamics, ideal handling and best performance for the new season.

They say that aprilia It has taken a very important step this year. They explain that suzuki has improved with respect to the passivity shown in 2021. The 'Devil' says that at his yamaha the lack of power, but it is the 'Devil'. KTM it remains an unknown after having already won races. And, yes, who has given, they say, a blow on the table has been Honda and its competition department Honda Racing Corporation (HRC), which has designed and manufactured a motorcycle that has nothing to do with its last seven previous models. The empire has decided to fight back.

a different motorcycle

“The bike is going very well, yes, it has nothing to do with the previous ones, nothing!”, he explains. Pol Espargaro, the 'covered' MotoGP and winner of the pre-season tests. “It's unlike anything Honda has put on the track in the last seven years and it has incredible potential. And, in addition, it is easy and pleasant to pilot. Carried away". 'Polyccio' He doesn't say so, but the big change is to copy Ducati and transfer the weight and traction to the rear wheel, which makes the front end wobble a bit, which is, according to them, what the bike is piloted with.

“By having more grip at the rear, you enter the corner better, you have better acceleration. The traction gives you more security when entering a curve, you skid less, you skid less and you wear out the tires less, which is vital. Before, it was impossible to play with the rear brake going into the corner, and now we have to use other tricks to get more brake. Now you can be more aggressive, more brutal, if you want, because the bike is less dangerous and that is essential when you have 21 races and you have to avoid crashes and injuries”, adds the youngest of the Espargaró.

"Now we can be more aggressive, more beastly and, in one lap, we will be much more effective"

Pol Espargaró - Repsol Honda official rider


Another thing that the new Honda RC213V offers is the ability to be fast, very fast, in one lap. “All of us Honda riders asked the engineers to focus on that too. In the current MotoGP, it is vital to start in the first two rows, otherwise it is almost impossible to win. And, now, with this bike we can be beasts and risk a lap, which will help us on Saturday in the 'quali'”.

The pilot, decisive

'Polyccio' praises and is "infinitely" grateful for the tremendous effort that HRC has made to provide them with a new weapon with which to fight on the MotoGP grid. “The bikes are now very even, very much. As Marc says, there are 10 or 12 bikes that can win, then the World Championship will put each of us in our place. But the best thing is that Honda has also copied Ducati's idea of ​​providing different teams, different riders with different riding styles, with the same bike, the official one, which means a huge extra job for the factories, but opens up the possibility of getting successes with several drivers, hence, in recent years, you never know who will win.

“It is evident”, Espargaró ends by commenting, “that, with the same mechanics, the driver's influence on the victory is greater, which is what it has to be. In the end, it is the rider who makes the difference.”

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